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How to display cabinets arranged in order to attract customers

  How to display cabinets arranged in order to attract customers

  We know that the overall sense of a store can give customers ordered a complete shopping experience, this holistic sense based on material, color, size, shape and other characteristics Showcase unilateral, but will also establish a fit between the showcase and goods degree and harmony degree, but also consider the best showcase and store the entire space of the match. This can all be seen in many industries showcase, such Dashun display cabinet making phone display cabinets in most cases using an integrated part of the bottom of a glass fiber board, the entire annular Showcase around the center post and through the pillar of light , led lamp inside a glass showcase echoed to achieve the overall sense of light, while the peripheral annular showcase on the distribution of similar size, shape almost identical product showcase.

  He stressed Showcase build into the channel

  In addition to a storefront display area and other work areas, almost all customers who - flow regime, people - complicated flow zone settings can also be simple. Complex for the average person - Goods flow area to consider experience with people - the relationship between flow habits, we should consider the human - stream area accessible at the same time conscious directing customers to recommend major consumer areas, people should consider the channel - flow flexibility, etc. factors; simply put, people channel - flow must give customers convenient and comfortable to buy to buy things, even more to be able to buy what you want him / her to buy things. Thus saith the building into the channel between the flexibility to showcase the best is relatively strong, no matter what kind of showcase of the arrangement, be it 90 degrees vertical, 45-degree worth mentioning, no matter whether the free flow type, etc. should be content to consider from a business flexible to change, which means that the general use of modular showcase would be better, of course, for some small stores and small supermarkets, a fixed arrangement can be considered.