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Acrylic display how bonding works best?

Fine display customized acrylic display stand Wholesale Acrylic Crafts

Style boutique shelves according to different classification criteria and there are many. Display according to the height of classification, can be divided into high-quality shelf cabinet and base cabinet, high cabinet usually about 2 m in height; chest of drawers is usually the height of about 1.2 meters. According to a combination of structural classification display, boutique shelves can be divided into individual planes, twin planes, a combination of aircraft. Individual frame refers to a separate boutique shelves, not connected all around; piece frame refers to two or more than two boutique shelves are connected together to form a whole including inner corner. Frame means is formed by a combination of high and low cabinet combination cabinet introduction display, or cashier-style display. According to the characters of classification, boutique shelves can be divided into fixed display stand, portable display stand and automatic display rotation.

Fine display customized acrylic display stand Wholesale Acrylic Crafts

Dongguan New Baoli display Ltd., founded in 1996, it is a professional manufacturer of Display Products, acrylic (PMMA) products owned enterprises, the company is located in Dongguan City, Da Lingshan Town Wings Ridge Industrial Park, Guangdong Province, from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities only an hour or so by car and convenient transportation, the company has self-built plant more than 20,000 square meters, more than 300 full-time professionals, is display products, acrylic (PMMA) products of leading enterprises.

In the management of the new Baoli company has always insisted: "customer-respect, integrity cooperation," the operating principles, the full implementation of quality and environmental management system, has passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system, the company have been awarded: Credible Enterprise , high-quality suppliers and Guangdong Traders most growth 50.

In services, the new company's services Baoli brands include: Apple phone, pill Cosmetics, Midea, Haier, Sony, China Telecom, Bank of China and so on.

On products, new Baoli company has 17 years of production experience, the company specializes Display Products, plexiglass products, acrylic, picture frames, lenses, metal, glass and wood structure of the product. Acrylic display how bonding works best?

    Acrylic chemical name for polymethyl methacrylate or PMMA, also known as acrylic, derived from the English Organic Glass (PMMA), is an important development earlier plasticity polymer material has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to stain, easy processing, beautiful appearance, has been widely used in handicraft industry.

Pure acrylic transmittance up to 95%, with a crystal-crystal quality, so a lot of acrylic products by people as crystal products, like to look at and treasure. How to show the characteristics of crystal clear acrylic, reflecting the sense of the value of acrylic products, acrylic products to maximize the quality and taste, where bonding technology has played a pivotal role.

Acrylic display stand often through cutting, grinding, polishing, bonding and other processing technology, and the bonding process is a very acrylic display finishing the key link. Fastness adhesive surface, transparency and rationality bonding process have a direct impact on the quality of acrylic products. An exquisite, crystal clear acrylic crafts people will be sincere love, but a rough process and the lack of aesthetic acrylic products are not aroused the slightest interest in bonding process of a direct impact on beauty and quality acrylic display stand.

Acrylic display bonding process is mainly affected by two aspects: First, the adhesive itself applicability; the second is the bonding operation skills.

There are a lot of domestic and overseas markets adhesives, there are two types, one is a two-component, such as an epoxy resin; there is a single component, such as CHCl3 (chloroform). In general, two-component adhesive is achieved by mixing the reaction adhesive, one-component adhesive is a solvent volatilization final bonding is achieved. Features two-component adhesive bonding is better, no bubbles after bonding, not white, and strength. The disadvantage is complicated to operate, difficult to cure a long time, slow, difficult to adapt to the requirements of mass production. The general characteristics of the one-component adhesive is speed to meet volume production process requirements, the disadvantage is after bonding products easy to produce bubbles, easy white, poor weather, which directly affect the outer acrylic products in appearance and product quality, and therefore, in the processing of acrylic products, how to choose a suitable adhesive, improve the quality and grade of acrylic products, is a major problem in the bonding process must first be resolved.

UV acrylic adhesive, one component by dissolution of acrylic and allowed the release of curing agent involved in the curing reaction between the acrylic adhesive to achieve. Both from a physical and chemical point of view both of the above-mentioned adhesive commonality; operability and bonding effect from the point of view is completely overcome their disadvantages, and have their advantages. And the adhesive itself in full compliance with EU countries, excluding chloroform, benzene to be carcinogenic. UV acrylic adhesive has strong bonding capabilities make it at home, up to the acrylic adhesive has a comprehensive and unparalleled advantage worldwide. Currently effect better UV acrylic adhesive such as BONLE-3094 glue.

Plexiglass display stand how to best bonding effect?

1. To prevent contamination of the glue excess glue acrylic sheet, can be affixed stickers without adhesive way to protect the site.

2. grease, dust or voids affect the glue evenly coated layer while leaving the bubble, it must be carefully removed before bonding.

3. adhesive glue such as the amount is too small, it will cause the glue shrinkage during curing, into the air bubbles.

4. The indoor temperature and humidity and other factors also have an impact on the adhesion of acrylic products.

Surface stress and stress degradation 5. Acrylic sheet surface, caused by cutting tools, will affect the bonding effect of acrylic products.

6. acrylic materials selection, avoid the use of recycled material on the market made of acrylic material.

7. A good selection of UV acrylic adhesive, may well help you avoid the problem of air bubbles Acrylic Display

8. The light transmittance of acrylic materials and different power uv curing lamp UV intensity is different, completely curing time different, do a lot of processing and production of small quantities should be preceded by tests to fully grasp the curing time empirical data. Further that action should be careful, even slower. Working slowly and deliberately.

When we use UV adhesive bonding acrylic display stand, for the first time need to do is put Wipe clean acrylic surface, preferably by using a mold to achieve bonding, the adhesive member is not shaking, so conducive to enhancing the quality of bonding. A thickness of less than 3 mm in cross-section from the side of the adhesive can be used syringe uniform and slow injection UV glue, irradiation with uv light curing adhesive 1-2 minutes to complete. Adhesive thickness greater than 3 mm, the pad into fine wire, utilizing the principle of capillary action to complete sizing, sizing after irradiation with ultraviolet light before curing lamp out of wire, or can be used to not have to stick to the site labeled tape protection, leaving the parts with water adhesive glue, and then ramp into the acrylic plate out of the bubble. Irradiation with uv light curing adhesive 1-2 minutes to complete. These are just sticking with one method of uv glue acrylic products, there are many other bonding method, the bonding method is not the same, the key is the user to be skilled birth clever, try different bonding methods, their products find a suitable adhesive crafts

Acrylic display stand bonding technique is also very important that the following on the four common bonding process, analyze their practical skills.

1 docking: Place two acrylic panels require docking platform levels, closed, and at the bottom of a sticky tape, leaving a wide gap of not more than 0.3mm to prepare an adhesive coating Hang. Acrylic plate with a syringe from the cracks in the adhesive injected from the side of the uniform slowly until all filled, to be completely cured after the tape can be thrown off.

2, facade adhesive: adhesive facade is the most widely used bonding technology, universal use in the production of acrylic products. Should first wipe clean surfaces to be bonded. Cam is preferably used to achieve bonding, the adhesive was not shaking, improve the quality of bonding. A thickness of less than 3mm acrylic sheet acrylic adhesive can be injected with a syringe directly from the adhesive side of the plate uniform and slow to complete the bonding. Adhesive thickness greater than 3mm acrylic sheet, it can pad into fine wire, bonded by capillary action completed before the curing of the adhesive out of wire, or can be used to not have to stick to the site taped protection, leaving adhesive coated parts with an adhesive, and then ramp into the acrylic plate out of the bubble can be.

3, inclined adhesive: adhesive must ramp cam angle of 90 degrees, in order to prevent the sticky surface displacement. Note acrylic adhesive coated board should be uniform, slow. After curing can be completely removed by the mold.

4, bonding plane: Plane is a special bonding method. First, wipe clean sticky surface, and placed horizontally in the above note on the appropriate amount of UV glue. The diagonal side contacting another piece of acrylic plate is coated with adhesive on acrylic, and even slow down, from one side of the bubble extruded complete bonding.