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Acrylic has become popular when the

Acrylic is a new influx of material home market in recent years is the "glass" English translation. From the 1990s it began to enter the Chinese market, but fourteen five years has been active in the field of outdoor advertising and outdoor decoration, into the interior design field for a short time, and in the most recent period, a substantial industry began in the home promotion. This issue, we take a look at this popular new material on home decor exudes a unique charm.

Shaping good advantage, not fragile, very light

Compared with conventional glass market, ordinary plastic, acrylic advantages of the new material it is very obvious. Hang Shun Qingdao acrylic sheet manager, said Chen Gang, acrylic materials have good light transmission, fight strong, and good plasticity. "Compared with ordinary plastic materials, light transmission acrylic is the best, light transmission type transparent acrylic glass sheet even better. And compared to traditional materials such glass, acrylic advantages even more prominent, which Fight strong is the most obvious advantage is said to have clear legislation in some countries, children's activities all glass windows with acrylic sheet in place, precisely because of its fight against the strong, not fragile; acrylic glass advantages compared to the other is easy to process, while at 180 ℃ variable soft shaping, the temperature setting can be cooled to room temperature. Further, the material density is smaller than the acrylic glass, compared with the volume of the material mass much lighter. "

Acrylic is also better oxidation resistance, not easy to deformation and discoloration. These advantages make the acrylic into the home after the field has been widely applied to the surface of furniture, bathtubs, bookcases and other furniture products and decorative wall and ceiling.

Numerous color effects, can create different effects

Chen Gang told reporters that the current market for acrylic sheet color decoration design different, variety, in addition to the shape of transparent acrylic glass outside, middle and another excellent sense of color monochromatic acrylic plate, and acrylic panels joined shells, leaves, etc. to form a similar effect of amber varieties. The current development of the acrylic sheet color for decoration 40 kinds. These materials are based on the cost of different processes, priced at 200 yuan / square meter to 600 yuan / square meter.

"Compared to other materials, acrylic cost is slightly higher, but the kind of color, color, type and hardness than glass. In addition, the acrylic sheet used for home improvement through the built-in lighting and external lighting, respectively have different effects. Outer set acrylic decorative surface light source, there will be a better sense of light, and built-in lighting, makes acrylic sheet presented semipermeable romantic visual effects.

Currently monochrome or transparent acrylic material widely used in furniture, veneer, furniture or as a main material. For example, in the main bar as acrylic material made of bar stools, coffee table, bathtubs, etc., with good finish, unbreakable advantages. The decoration decorative acrylic sheet, often added to further design, such as applications in the shape of some walls and ceilings. "

Application cut off the ceiling, its use of force at all is

In the field of interior decoration, in addition to acrylic sheet used in furniture making or outer veneer furniture, home decoration can be applied to many aspects. The famous designer Qu Zhao-Jun told reporters, acrylic sheet permeability and plasticity, etc., it is suitable for home decoration cut off class. "Acrylic sheet is easy to cut and engraving, and color plates of various colors for use in the living room, dining room and other areas of engraving do cut off, is not only very beautiful, but its characteristics also make transparent the visual extension."

Acrylic translucent, often used in light-related renovation, in addition to a lot of people use lamps made of acrylic material, like the DIY variety of their own design might look like; In addition, since the new decoration color acrylic sheet, the effect range, it is possible to use creatively in the overall ceiling and walls.

"Acrylic can be broken up and evenly distributed point light off in the room can be based on the shape of the ceiling, with a different color of acrylic sheet spread locally, built-in light source, the effect is very good." According to Qu Jun said the same , this family of wall can also be used to make changes that took out a hollow in the wall area, built-in light, outside with decorative acrylic sheet, not only will make the walls appear changing decorative effect, but also can be used as wall lamp built by uniform light source, creating a unique atmosphere at home. And like the DIY decoration owners can also use small pieces of acrylic sheet, cutting their own produce small frame and other decorations.