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Acrylic light guide plate material is what?

  Acrylic light guide plate main material for optical acrylic panels. The current production of acrylic light guide plate, because different manufacturers different processes, there are also differences in quality, particularly renewable board, although cheap, but easy to yellow light transmission is poor, should be used in the production of acrylic light guide plate material is not easy to yellow translucent rate of 92% -93% of the transparent plate.
  What Acrylic light guide plate material is:
  Through a special scientific processed transparent acrylic plate, just at the edge mounted on the light emitting body (light guide plate depending on the size selectable ordinary fluorescent tubes, CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp, a light emitting diode light source, usually installed on both sides of length , relatively small width can be mounted side only), power and acrylic panels whole plane will emit bright uniform soft light, called light guide plate. The light guide plate use great.
  Acrylic light guide plate production methods are mainly two: screen printing and non-printing type. Screen printing type light guide less investment, no investment in equipment, fully manual operation, low cost, high production efficiency, technology and process is very easy to master; large non-printing type light guide investment, need professional equipment, high production costs, production efficiency low.