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How to deal with after the plexiglass (acrylic) aging

  With plexiglass (acrylic products) is widely used, people began to realize that this new material brings us great convenience to enrich our lives, but also to increase our night a beautiful color. However, due to the extensive application of social, conventional laws of society tells us that when a thing rapid development, has brought great development, the harm is unprecedented. Coupled with plexiglass (acrylic products) also has a limited life. Until the aging time, it is bound to give society some of the hazards and waste.
  Here to talk about how to deal with them at home and abroad:
  A: Isolation of decomposition. For now, in this regard foreign technology is more mature, you can use the number of plexiglass (acrylic products) added resin and its melting point, softening point varies, science and technology can now extract the resin, so that it can get perfect use, of course, will not harm the atmosphere, land resources. However, in the current domestic is generally used artificial selection method, which exists low accuracy, high cost and low efficiency. Learn this way, we should be well in advance of plexiglass (acrylic products) classification, both to reduce the minimum loss caused by the depreciation rate, and can make full use of resources.
  II: incineration, landfill. This can be said is the most common way, and said top of widely used abroad in the country is not suitable for incineration landfill, environmental pollution, waste of land resources. Increase the cost of post-social governance. For this, how do we look at it, do a good job classification, this is what we should do, we should do is duty.
  Three: Crafts. Speaking of this may be a bit puzzled, how it will be handled crafts, this is only a small number of enthusiasts, they abandoned the use of plexiglass (acrylic products) produce a wide variety of arts and crafts, artsy, of course, not the most important, they end up trying to convey is the rational use of aging, abandoned plexiglass (acrylic products).